Bubbles #notetomyself

“Happiness is like soap bubbles. It comes in small fragile doses, transparent and gentle, that you can’t catch, or hold forever. You have to learn to recognize the moment, to embrace it and when the bubble pops and the moment is over, to choose whether to remember it or not.
The miserable people are the ones who think that happiness is a permanent state. They waste half of their lives trying to find it, and the other half being disappointed that they can’t, while there are many little soap bubbles floating in the air around them, but they don’t ever see them.”

- Limor Moyal; Chariots on the Highway


  1. daripada bubbles pun kita boleh belajar sesuatu kan. tq for sharing. :)

    1. betul tu dear...terima kasih ya sudi singgah :)


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