Take me away

For once I don't want a steaming cup of coffee
and hear the clomp clomp of my boss' high heels
for once in my life I want to be taken away
to the rivers and mountains on my four wheels
where the birds chirp all day long
and the whole place is carpeted with green
where fresh milk and curd comes from the cows
and no technology can be heard or seen
just the clouds, the river, the mountains and the sun
and at night beneath the countless stars I shall sleep
in the morning the sun will kiss my face
I will belong to a place where no one but silence speaks
so take me away to the mountains today
for inside these four walls I can no longer stay

(© Sam)


  1. Sungguh bagai dikata! Sesekali nak juga keluar dari kebiasaan yang terlalu biasa nih!

    1. kan Mummy kannn....teringinnn nya nak relax2 huhu...

  2. take me along together :D anywhere..

    1. hehe...jommm CT...jalan2 relax2 :)

  3. bayangkan pun dah indah..cuba kalau betul2 jadi kan best

    1. kan Ainim kan, kalau dapat jadi betul2...ishh speechless :))


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