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Finding Tranquility by A.T Alabi

  Where my heart truly lies, Is in the beauty of a simple life, In a little peace and quiet, Slower pace and lesser strife. Where I'd find time to walk, Leisurely down a winding road, Strolling in the woods, savoring Each unfolding scenic episode. Where I'd find time to sit, And nestle by the almond tree. Feeling its quiet windy whispers, As it gently cuddles me. Where I'd find time to stand, Quietly behind the window pane, Cradling a mug, watching the world Showered with a gentle rain. Where I'd find time to catch, The sparkling poise of a firefly, And lounge in the serene canopy, Of a star speckled velvet sky. Just a little peace and quiet, In between life's hectic pace... And I find my soul better aligned, Filled with sweet solace.

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