Keep Climbing!

Written by Hannah Keeley


You can ask any mountain climber about the crux of a climb. The crux is the most difficult portion of an ascent. If you can make it through the crux, then the mountain is yours. But that's a big "if." The crux is that portion of a climb that weeds out the winners from the wannabes. The winners make it through and look at the world from the peak of the climb. The wannabes gripe and complain that the climb is too difficult and just hang out at base camp. Sometimes, those peaks can be quite elusive.

But life is not meant to be easy. It is meant to be lived. There are going to be some awfully severe cruxes that will threaten to keep you from living in the peaks. But when the climb gets tough, the climber focuses only on her very next step. She knows in the back of her mind that the little steps add up and that the peak is there waiting for her. She doesn't think about how many feet she has to go before she reaches the top. She concentrates on getting a good hold and inching forward. Even if the movement is small, it is not insignificant, for she is not letting go.

There are plenty of cruxes in a mom's life, times when the winners are weeded out from the wannabes. It's important to see that even on those days when we feel as if we have made no forward movement, we still continue to hang on. Don't try to focus on the end of the road. Just focus on your very next move. Make it a positive one. Even if it is inch by inch, you will make it through those times and come out on the other side stronger, more confident, and more determined than ever.

Remember that every positive motion is building you into the mom and the woman that you were designed to be. This is your shot. It's your life. Don't waste any more time at base camp. The view is better and the air cleaner when you live in the peaks. No, it won't be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is. But can you think of anything more worthwhile than you? Your home? Your family? It's in your hands. It's your turn to climb - and to win!

Dear all mothers, be motivated and keep motivated ok.....cheers...
p/s today kena hantar assignments...adios!