True Things Moms Don't Want to Admit!

Feeling like a bad parent? 
(Ya, sometimes mmg rasa mcm ni, because i'm not perfect....)
You’re not alone. We asked the moms we know to share their most shameful truths about raising their kids.

You Don't Bathe Your Kid Nearly Enough
The pediatrician recommends bathing the baby every few days or so, but a week goes by and the closest you’ve come is wiping the spit-up off his chin with a moist cloth. You tell yourself he’s a lump (albeit an incredibly cute one) who barely moves -- he’s not exactly sweating. Besides, it’s probably been more than a few days since you showered.
(mmmm...masa berpantang anak second, berpantang sendiri kat rumah, pernah lah lap2 je baby, tak mandikan, tapi tak boleh nak tidur lena baby saya, so itulah first and last....tapi kalau demam lain citerlah kan...)

You let her lay in bed crying way too long while you do what you need to do
With so little time to get anything done for yourself, those moments when the baby is miraculously occupied by her own fingers and toes are precious. Naturally, you rush to the computer. Just as you’re getting started, she’s already whimpering. You tell yourself it’s not real crying, but she gets louder. You’re determined to get this done now so you can give her your full attention in a sec. But before you can finish, she’s shrieking. Why even bother trying.
(mestilah pernah, esp kalau tgh dlm toilet, tapi taklah lama sgt)
You lie to him all the time
You like the idea of being honest with your child, but sometimes the truth is, if we may borrow Al Gore’s favorite word, inconvenient. So you tell your child the shoe store doesn't have the wheeled shoes that light up in his size when you know they do, that Daddy ate the last brownie (when, clearly, you did), that the toy store is closed, that the shot won’t hurt, that the DVD player is “tired,” and pretty soon you’re lying as often as, well, a politician.
(all the time? takdelah...kadang2 je ..bohong sunat hehe)

You love the baby more than older kid
Favoring one kid over the other is something you never imagined you would do, but the baby is such a little love bug. She’s so innocent and unmanipulative, and unlike the big one, she lets you smother her with kisses. Of course you don’t love her more, but sometimes, as hilarious and clever as the older one is, it’s just easier to deal with the less complex kid.
(mmg lebihkan adik sebab dia kecik tapi sayang sgt dua2 tau, mana ada beza2...cuma abg selalu kena marah sebab makin lah nakalnya sekarang hehe...
anak sulung saya pernah tanya kenapa dia takde abang atau kakak, saya jawab sebab anak sulung paling hebat sebab tulah dia takde kakak atau abang...boleh anak saya tanya "abang ke yg hebat tu?"....yelah saya jawab...dia jawab "ye ke dia, sebab selalu nampak ibu lebihkan adik je..." hehe...tersentuh hati saya...kesian dia...tapi tu lah, abang dgn adik beza 6 tahun, jauhh tu....kalau lebih kurang sama umur, dua2 ler kena kot kalau nakal hehe....garangnya ibu yek)
You think playing with your child is really boring
You’ve just played “teenager” or “doggie” or whatever else you’re kid is obsessed with for the past hour, and he still isn’t sick of it. At this point, you would seriously rather clean the bathroom than go through another round of the game. How can you love your children so much yet be so entirely uninterested in the games they want to play? Here’s something that will get you in the mood: Ten years from now, when they want absolutely nothing do to with you that doesn’t involve you giving them cash, you’ll be begging them to play choo-choos!
(mengaku mmg pernah rasa ni esp bila byk benda lain nak buat huhu)

You leave her locked in the car while you run into the house to get something you forgot
It’s cruel to leave a dog locked in a car -- but is it cruel to do so with a child? In your book, running inside the house to grab a forgotten something (especially for the kid!) is appropriate. So is having a quick tinkle. Running into a store? That’s where you draw the line.
(ohhh...yg ni tak pernah, bahaya ni)

Use TV as babysitter way too often
Before you became a parent, you vowed your child wouldn’t watch TV. Now suddenly here you are asking your child why she doesn’t want to watch Curious George and trying to convince her it’s her favorite episode. It’s sad. It really is. But tomorrow is another day -- you can always renew your vows.
(tulah....masa anak yg sulung pernah buat ni, sampai anak saya sukaaaaa sgt tgk tv, susah nak fokus belajar, tapi learned from mistake, yg kedua ni saya tak bagi tgk tv, suruh dia baca buku je heheh....tapi terpengaruh dgn abang dia lahhhh pulakkk....pernah tengok dua2 tgh terngangaaa tengok tv. Pernah terbaca somewhere yg kanak2 bwh umur 2 tahun, jgn bagi tengok tv langsung sbb akan rendahkan IQ)

You would rather sleep, sometimes even work, than be with your childrenWeekends used to be these amazing stretches of time when you didn’t have any obligations. These days, weekends seem almost harder than workdays. Yes, you are excited about having the free time with your children, but you also panic a little about how you are going to fill all of it. And then there is the deep longing for sleep. Saturday morning, your kids are climbing all over you, and you are blatantly ignoring them, allowing yourself to linger just a few more minutes in that haze between sleep and wakefulness. You were having such a good dream before a cute little person kneed you in the back -- that you were single, without kids.
(pernah ambik cuti sehari dua sbb nak duduk lepak sorang2 kat rumah....hehe....tak bagi tau lah yg saya cuti...tapiii kannn dugaan sungguh, kekadang saya ambik cuti nak rehat, esoknya kebetulan pulak anak demam ke tak sihat ke, pernah jugak beberapa kali jadi mcm ni hehe..padan muka)

You allow them to watch movies/ shows that are not age-appropriate
You’re not sure how it happened, but suddenly PG is the new G. And even though you know it won't kill them, you find yourself running like mad to turn off the scene where Darth Vader dies and playing dumb when your toddler asks to hear “that song about the lollipop” by 50 Cent. But you do start to question your parenting skills a little when you let Family Guy pass as a cartoon.
(tak pernah lah....kalau ada scene ter accident tu, selalu suruh dorang tutup mata atau terus tukar channel. Tapi movie spiderman tu pun ada scene entah apa2, dah lah budak2 suka tengok kan...)

You give them food you'd never eat yourself
You eat grilled chicken strips over a bed of greens. They eat chicken nuggets. You have fresh fruit. They have flat sticky crap that’s rolled up in plastic. You have regular milk. They have chocolate milk. But hey, at least they're eating.
(tak pernah lah pulak...selalu makan sama2 jek...dorang tak makan yg aku makan ada lah esp yg pedas2 kan..)
You don't change his diaper nearly enough
The baby is crying and you can’t figure out what it could possibly be -- and then it dawns on you. It’s been eight hours since you last changed his diaper. You recall that, earlier, you had decided it wasn’t full enough to warrant a whole new diaper. Well, now he's swimming in his own urine. Way to go, mom!
(aku jenis selalu tukar, kekadang rasa rugi jek, tapi kesianlah, kalau kita pun rimas kan hehehe...pernah cuba lampin kain tapi setiap kali mesti bocor)

You let her go days without vegetables
You are perfectly aware of how important vegetables are for your kid’s health, but you’ve done all you can -- and the kid still won’t touch them. And honestly, you don’t like them much, either. So, you decide to drop the veggie charade. Heck, life is short, so you’re not going to waste time making everyone miserable. Of course, two days later, there you are again, trying to sneak some broccoli into the marinara.
(pernah jek kekadang hehehe....too bad yek?)

You are the last to pick them up at daycare
Combine a last-minute meeting at work with traffic or a stalled train, and you’ve got every mom’s pique of anxiety. Nothing makes you feel more helpless and frustrated than sitting in traffic knowing your child is going to be the last one at the daycare center. You usually make it with just a minute to spare, but you still feel like crying as you walk through the door. You vow it will never happen again, but it does. Don’t beat yourself up -- the baby won’t remember it.
(tak pernah lagi, selalu mesti ramai lagi sbb saya balik keje sharrppp....tak sabar nak jumpa anak hehe...tapi pernah lah, katakan sampai rumah pukul 5.30, rehat jap kalau penat sgt, kul 6 baru pegi ambik....)

You hate breastfeeding
Breastfeeding is perhaps the most publicly discussed and emotionally vexing aspect of childrearing. Some moms love it. Some moms do it, but hate it. And some moms push the issue long after it’s clear the child wants nothing to do with her breast. Who’s to say what’s right or wrong? But one thing’s for sure, for your child’s sake, being honest with yourself is key.
(i love breastfeeding, jimat dan selamat! tapi letihlah jugak...anak yg second ni dah nak masuk 2 tahun, still breastfeeding)

Nota: korang macam mana pulak? Jom lah kongsi experience...

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  2. sy paling risau nak marah anak sulung sebab diyer dah pandai berdendam..kalau marah diyer,diyer akan carik hal ngan adik..buat adik time kiter tak nampak..kalau kiter cubit diyer..diyer akan buat benda yang samer kat adik..tuh yang tension tuhh..tak marah nakal sangat taknak dgr cakap plak..hadoiii macam-macam kerenah anak-anak..

    tapi kerenah mereka nehlah yang akan buat kiter rindukan mereka suatu hari nanti betullah balik kerjer mesti sharp sebab tak sabar2 nak jumpa anak-anak..huhuuu

  3. tulah pasal, mesti kita rindukan gelagat mereka nanti, mcm tulis kat atas tu "Ten years from now, when they want absolutely nothing do to with you that doesn’t involve you giving them cash, you’ll be begging them to play choo-choos!" huhuhu...semoga hari ini saya jadi ibu yg lebih baik dari hari semalam, dan hari2 seterusnya...insyaAllah...


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