Kuiz decorating style pulak

Ok, nak buat kuiz decorating style pulak...sapa2 nak cuba kat sini yek http://www.bhg.com/decorating/decorating-style/quiz/

so.....jawapannya ialah:
Country French

You are drawn to a rustic but refined style that feels comfortable and livable for today's families. Your version of Country French style may be rustic (think glazed pottery and chunky woven baskets) or more refined (think gilded details). Either way, patterned fabrics such as toile, stripes, and fleur-de-lis motifs will help you set the tone. Incorporate details such as stucco walls, wrought-iron accents, and furniture with carved details for an old-world look.

mmmm...ye ke...mcmn yek style country french ni? saya pun x tahu hehe...
cuba tgk cth2 country french decor ni....jom kita tgk sapa yg kena!

living room with blue damask furniture and yellow floral drapes...tak minat hehe
bedroom with blue gingham upholstered head and foot boardtak jugak
living room with drapes, valances and shadeslagi lah tak minat

blue and white gingham chair with accessoriestak jugak...

byk lagi gambar...sume saya tak minat hehe...
saya rasa saya ni minimalis je lah!