Curious George Takes a Job

This is a story about how Curious George kept getting into trouble until he finally got a job that kept him busy.

" George was kept so busy all the time that he forgot to be curious."

Curious George was swept up into the deception of being busy, and in the process, lost the one quality that made him unique and special. All of us, no matter what our age, occupation, or chapter in life, have a curious spirit within us.
It's that spirit that made us jump on a bike for the first time to feel the wind in our faces or run into the ocean to feel the waves beat against our bodies. That same curious spirit is what caused many of us to dare accept the challenge of raising a child. We felt this urging to take a new path, and in doing so, be a part of something greater than ourselves, a part of something timeless and beautiful.

But sometimes, things happen. We begin to trust our senses instead of our spirit. We tune out our instincts and listen to what the world has to say. Motherhood is a manifestation of curiosity. That spirit of curiosity keeps us soft and pliable. It keeps us young and in love. When we let that curiosity go, our spirits dry up. We become brittle moms, sitting on the benches at the playground, gossiping about anything and everything, while our children dig their fingers through the sand and swing from their knees. They know. They understand. Their curious little spirits keep them playing hard and taking chances, just what we should be doing.

But the world feeds us lies that we readily gobble up. We believe that when we are busy, we are productive; and when we are productive, we are valuable. There comes a point in motherhood when you realize that your value is not dependent on how the world sees you or even how your family sees you. Your value is determined by you, doing that which brings you joy. Don't believe that busyness equates to productivity (most people believe this; mereka perlu nampak sibuk! huhu). Our lives should never become so busy that we forget to be curious. And when we are busy for busyness's sake, then our accomplishments are shallow and fleeting.

Get to the heart of the matter. Do what you love. Don't forget to be curious, to get messy, to explore and take chances. Do something this week that you have never done before. Dig in the sand and swing from your knees. Your spirit is ageless. It is your ego that dries you up.

Don't fall into the trap of believing that being busy means being productive. There is productivity in making mud pies with a child (if banyak sangat house chores to feel hopeless sometimes with so many things to do, maybe we need a break from house chores which is never ending story huh). There is a tangible value in blowing bubbles in the bathtub with a toddler. A job doesn't give you value. Your value comes from within. It comes from that curious spirit inside. Take a lesson from George because he was on the right track. It's not curiosity that gets us into trouble, but the threat of losing it.