Work Like You Mean It!

Sometimes a truth can take a while to work its way into our heart. Other times, it hits us over the head! We all have so much to do during the day. There's always laundry to fold, dishes to wash, and yes, contracts to sign. But if we are not enjoying it, we're just wasting time and energy. Life isn't mean to be just spent. It's meant to be spent wisely. Every day is a new opportunity to find the joy that lies in everything. When you are changing that diaper take the time to tickle those little piggies. When you are tucking your child into bed, why not read a story? Folding the laundry is a perfect time to lift up a prayer for the ones who are dirtying up all of those clothes. There is always an opportunity for joy and depth. There are no mindless or boring tasks in the home. The tasks are only as mindless and boring as the people who do them. You can bring the play back into work. Did you ever play house as a child? You didn't have chores back then, you had a passion--the passion that comes along with playing. That passion is still there, so why not spend this week and search for it? And don't let up until you do.

Make a conscious effort to pause in your work. Ask yourself, "Am I really here right now? Am I existing in this moment? Am I inviting joy into my life?" We unconsciously let so many stressors and worries cloud out the sunshine. Bring your day into a conscious level. Think about what you are doing, how your efforts help another, how your hands bless those around you. Be grateful for the moment, the opportunity, the breath that you take. Bring the play back into your work. Because all of the work and effort you can put into something won't amount to a hill of beans if your heart's not in it. And that's where the home starts--in the heart


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