Start living!

So many times, we let fears and insecurities dominate our lives. We afraid of what others may think or say. We don't want to stand out or look stupid. We shy away from tomorrow while living in the shadow of yesterday. But when you think about it, all we really have is this moment. We are not in the past, when we may have thought we were cuter or bolder. We are not in the future, which doesn't even exist. This moment is ours and we let it slip right through our fingers. You deserve to fully experience life and everything that it holds.

What are you waiting for? If you live in fear and insecurities, you are just building your own prison. Life is worth living right here, in this moment. Don't wait until you reach a certain weight or can wear a particular outfit. If there are some things you want to change about yourself, then go ahead and start the process to reach your goals. But don't put off living until you do. Your hairstyle, dress size, or outfit do not make you more or less attractive. The one quality that determines how attractive you are is self-confidence. When you are bold, you can wear a paper sack and look as hot as a firecracker. Bold is beautiful. So throw away any negative self-image that may be holding you back. Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Face the sunshine and dance to the music.

It's not what you do or how much you accomplish in life that determines who you are. It's how you live this one single moment. It's the attitude that you carry with you every single day. Do you wake up singing or complaining? Do you do the chores with a wiggle in your walk or do you drag your feet around the house? So much of life is a matter of perspective. We wonder why things don't go our way, when actually we create our days from the moment we wake up. Shed the heavy drab cloak of fear and insecurity. It doesn't suit you. Approach life with gratitude, joy, abundance, and excitement; and pretty soon, you will find that life will treat you the exact same way. So get out your dancing shoes, mama. LIfe is right now, this moment. Start living it.


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