Khalifah Method Seminar

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DO YOU DESIRE TO BE:The best 'abd of Allah?
The best staff?
The best boss?
The best colleague?
The best son or daughter?
The best husband or wife?
The best father or mother?
The best brother or sister?
The best of friends?
and many many more!!!

Then this knowledge is for you!
What better ways can you spend your Maulidur Rasul public holiday?


Khalifah Method

Shaping Excellent Character”
15 February 2011 (Tuesday)
(Maulidur Rasul Public Holiday)
8.30 am -5.30 pm
 427, Jalan 2, Taman Ampang Utama , 68000 Ampang Selangor
Tel: 03-4256 6810

Organised by:
427, Jalan 2, Taman Ampang Utama, 68000 Ampang Selangor

As individuals we are constantly facing various challenges in our daily lives. The breadwinner of the family struggles to make ends meet. A working wife and mother struggles to balance her time meeting expectations of her family and workplace. A young adult struggles to obtain a reasonable standing in his or her career.

In all situations, whether in the workplace or at home, it is critical for the individual to have the right worldview, because worldview determines values, attitudes and thoughts, which in turn determines one’s actions. Faced with many influences which put pressure on the individual to conform to the demands by one’s employer, family, and society as a whole, many find their values being compromised. No one can force a person to change his attitudes, his values or his philosophy but having the right knowledge will enable him to make the right choice in life.

The Khalifah Method offered by Khalifah Institute allows an individual to look deep within himself, to explore his own development, character, attitudes and values, his relationship with his Creator and his purpose of life. He will understand then why he has the God-given power within himself to chart his own life and how to maximize the power and potential to achieve the success in this world and the hereafter. He will also be able to understand the people around him, his family, friends and co-workers. With this renewed knowledge and motivation, he will be empowered to shape himself and others around him, towards excellence.

Prof Muhammad al’Mahdi Jenkins, founder of Khalifah Method, wrote in 2004:

“I spent over half my life as one of the most committed atheists you could ever imagine. I was totally convinced of the rightness of secular philosophies and materialist science. I spent over thirteen years as a full time university student. These long years of study included three Ph.D. programs. My early studies were in theoretical physics and my later studies were in child and clinical psychology.

I had never expected in my wildest imaginings that I would ever be a believer in God, and even more unexpectedly, that I would become a Muslim. About 30 years ago I decided that if I wanted to be honest as a scientist I would have to accept that the findings of modern science, particularly theoretical physics and cosmology, led undeniably to the conclusion that God did indeed exist.

In a search for a religion which I could be a member of and remain an objective scientist I looked first at Christianity, then Buddhism, and then the Hindu faiths. In none of those great faiths could I find a place for my understanding of God and spirituality. I almost didn’t look at Islam, perhaps due to biases imposed upon us growing up in a Western culture. As I read the Qur’an (English translation with commentary) I found Islam confirming everything I had independently found to be true in my long search for the true nature of our reality.

have now been a Muslim for about 25 years and every day become more enthralled by the truth, rightness, and beauty of the Islam which Allah in His Mercy gave us as our way of life”

Prof Muhammad is the founder of Khalifah Institute (established 2004) and Khalifah Model School, Ampang (established 2006). He passed away in April 2006 leaving behind a legacy, the body of knowledge now encompassed in Khalifah Method, toward the ultimate goal of achieving a fully and truly Islamic world.
At the end of the seminar, the participant will be able to:
1.      appreciate the beautiful relationship he can have with his Creator and His creations.
2.      identify his purpose of life.
3.      understand himself from a new perspective, and understand the personality of those whom he deals with every day;
4.      use the “inner speech” and “shaping process” as  effective tools for personal effectiveness;
5.      motivate self, family and direct reports;
6.      develop positive attitude and meaningful human relationship at home or at work.
8:30 am                       Registration
8:50 am                       Introduction & Ice breaking
9:30 am                       Topic 1: Worldview & Khalifah Concept
10:45 am                     Break
11:00 am                     Topic 2: Laws of Learning
12:00 pm                     Group Activity
1:00 pm                       Lunch & Zuhur prayer
2:00 pm                       Topic 3: Directed Positive Influence
3:00 pm                       Topic 4: Islamic Psychology
4:00 pm                       Q & A Session
5:00 pm                       Closing ceremony

1-      Prof Dr Alini Marzuki – Trustee and Consultant of Khalifah Institute
2-      Azra Banu – Trainer and Consultant of Khalifah Institute
3-      Badariah Ismail – Trainer Khalifah Institute and owner of Dzul Iman Kindergarten

FEE           : RM 80 per person

To register please fill the registration form below or if you have trouble viewing or submitting this form, you can fill it online:

Alternatively you can also email or SMS the details (as in the form) to 012-932 6959.

Contact us 03-4256 6810/012-932 6959 to confirm registration or for more details.




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