Dah buat test ni tak? Jom share results kat sini nak?

Saya pernah post entry tentang organization personality kat SINI

  • semiorganized person
  • feel less stressed when your home is neat but find that, despite your best intentions, your desk still gets buried under papers? 
  • Because getting things done on time is important to you, breaking larger projects into smaller steps, with staggered due dates, is a great way to stay motivated
You are the Schoolteacher
key traits
  • Predictable and reliable
  • Structured, but not afraid of spontaneity
  • A rule-follower

Ijun pun dah buat test ni ;) 
Boleh refer kat entry Ijun kat SINI

Result Ijun 
"Are you the first person to raise your hand in favor of getting together with friends but would rather leave the organization up to someone else? Then you might have what professional organizer Audrey Thomas calls a party planner's organization personality. Because you have an extensive list of other exciting things you'd rather be doing than, say, cleaning out your closet, staying focused on the task at hand is often challenging. Take control by taking a page from this collection of ideas (and download our free organizational checklist to keep you on track). When your storage solutions are fun to use and pretty to live with, you'll be more likely to want to get organized and to stay that way."

Jom buat test ni nak? Pastu kongsikan resultsnya...
Itupun kalau sudi lah huk huk


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