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Monday, 28 February 2011

bersih ke tak sebenarnya?

ada kawan husband aku yg baru balik dari Venice, Italy sungguh2 ler mengutuk Venice River tu busuk dan kotor....ishhh ye ke? mmg ler aku tak tahu sbb tak pernah pergi tapi aku mcm x percaya jek hehe...kalau Sungai Segget kat JB aku tahu lah tak bersih....tunggulah aku sampai Venice nanti, mana tahu satu hari nanti insyaAllah...

tapi saje lah aku cari2 info kat internet ni....and as usual manusia ni pendapat lain2 kan, ada kata ok ada kata kotor, so layan je lah ada few infos kat sini yek....

Is the water in Venice really polluted? info kat sini

"Yes, the Venice Lagoon has issues with pollution and rising water levels.  In 1999 members of greenpeace even held tours of the pollution to raise awareness.  Local industries have been accused of creating this pollution."

"The water quality affected by pollution problems mainly due to discharge of nutrients and toxicants from watershed."

"They're not. At all. I got back from Venice a few months ago. I mean, they're not horrendously FILTHY, but they're not so good."
"They are very dirty because greeks used to through all the waste in there"
"Venice is a truely beautiful place. When we told friends about it they kept saying about the smell, and dirty river etc. But honestly we found no smell (and the weather was hot in August when we were there), and the water was no more dirty than most places, no debris, just a sea green colour."

Venice Canals dirty ke tak, hopefully satu hari nanti dapatlah aku tgk dgn mata kepala sendiri huhuhu....entah bila? dalam mimpi kotttt.....

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