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Why should any of us want what we already have?

Many of us go through our days with a scarcity outlook. We dwell on those things we don't have. We look around at what others possess, and we want more and more and more. If we would really take a moment to look around, we would see that we are already surrounded by treasures, and that the best and biggest (and most fabulous) treasure of all lies within us. All of the bells and whistles in life won't change an individual if the outlook remains the same. True contentment and joy is an in-dwelling. It is the spirit that is within you. If you believe you are fabulous, then you are fabulous. If you believe that you lack, then you always will, no matter how much you accumulate.

You are fabulous, but whether you believe this or not is totally up to you. There will always be a bigger paycheck, an nicer handbag, a roomier home. It is how you view right now that makes you who you are. Joy is a choice. Contentment is an attitude. Fabulous is a state of mind. Choose it today. All of the riches in this world will not affect who you are. And you already are FABULOUS!