Smart parenting

(Artikel ni dapat dari e-mel utk dikongsi bersama)

Children instinctively know what is healthy, good, and right. Our role as parents is to guide them through life and encourage their smart choices. It is a huge responsibility, one that takes guts, wisdom, and good old fashioned common sense. The last thing these children need is to be force fed poison in an already toxic world. There is so much of it out there--mental and physical poison--and a parent's role is to protect our children from it until the day comes when they are able to make these decisions themselves. Just because the world is polluted does not mean we need to live in the landfill.

It doesn't take the wisdom of a sage or the heart of a saint to be a good parent. If it did, probably none of us would make the cut. It takes the knowledge that we have the most important role in life and it is not to be taken lightly. It is an awesome responsibility to raise a child. It means taking a stand when others sit down and swimming against the tide. This world is not very conducive to smart parenting, but that does not mean give us permission to make stupid choices.

It's okay to be considered overprotective or even be called an old "fuddy duddy." That's your job! And if you're smart, then you will surely feel like the odd one out every now and then. I don't know how many times I have had to say, "I don't care what your friend's mom says. You are MY child!" That's what it comes down to. You have to make the decisions that you feel are right and honorable. It isn't supposed to feel comfortable all the time. Smart parenting is anything BUT comfortable. It takes guts to be a picky eater in a world that dishes out trash. But when you choose health over disease, truth over lies, love over hate, then you know you are making the choices that will matter in the long run.

"...The wise parent never keeps his or her eyes off their child outside of the home."
~ Bonnie Slade